Last minute volunteer opportunity to contribute to some long-term research……

In 1963, American ecologist, Joe Connell established a research plot at Davies Creek in Far North Queensland that helped Joe formulate his groundbreaking ideas about community structure and succession (go HERE or HERE for a short blurb about Joe and list of key publications).

In two weeks time, a team lead by my supervisor and past-student of Joe’s, Pete Green, will be conducting a re-census of the plot and we could do with one or two more keen volunteers. The work involves being out in the rainforest for 2 weeks re-measuring trees and seedlings as well as recording new recruits and deaths since the last survey. It’s a very interesting plot in that Joe set up all his transects and recorded all his measurements in Feet and Tenths of Feet!! Although we can’t pay, all transport, accommodation and food will be supplied. We know it’s relatively last minute but if you’re free for 2 weeks from Monday 30th September and have an interest in contributing to one of Australia’s longest-running research plots we’d definitely like to hear from you. We’re looking for one, maybe two more people to join the approx. 10 person strong team.

Feel free to send me an email ( for more info and to express your interest




Davies Creek Rainforest – Looks pretty inviting……


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