Anyone know any good podcasts??

So to keep up with what has become a theme with this blog since its inception, time to provide a new entry seeing as I’m back in the office analysing data, writing and most annoyingly, sorting landsnail samples (check out the equivalent entries from 2011 and 2012 below). I ask if anyone knows any good podcasts as for the next few weeks (at least) my face is going to be down a microscope and I’ve always appreciated something new to listen to during those endeavours. Normally I would be listening to RRR but it’s starting to irritate me and they’ve replaced my old favourite, All over the shop, with some BS Riff show. So suggestions – hit me up! I’m after anything from music appreciation, science general, ecology specific and anything people think is cool. Even just new bands to get into, whatever!


The laboratory workspace.


The Office workspace

The other role of these entries has been to give myself public deadlines for various aspects of the project (although these are sometimes not achieved). The following are things I’m currently working on that need to take priority and would be great if they could be completed by these dates.

  • BEEGL conference talk: Student run free conference at La Trobe University. Open to all students. Find details HERE. Complete by 8 Nov
  • ECOTAS13 conference talk: I’ll be presenting a speed talk at this year’s joint ESA-NZES conference in Auckland. Complete by 18 Nov
  • Leptospermum gap dynamics paper: Honours paper that has been hanging around for far to long. Everything is done just needs to be signed off (so to speak). Submit by 22 Nov
  • Snail samples: 500 samples taken across last wet season from experiments designed to test the mechanism of invasion success. Anywhere from 1 – 500 individuals per sample. Complete by 13 Dec
  • Preliminary analysis of 2013 data: Will be partly done while getting ECOTAS talk together and partly done following sorting of snails. Important to know where obvious gaps are and what (if anything) I can do on a short trip back to Christmas Island during the coming wet season. Complete by 31 Dec 

I think I should end my procrastination there and I’ll see you at either the BEEGL student conference, ECOTAS13, Meredith or NYE on the Hill.



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