The end of this PhD research is near…..

To Dear engaged reader of my PhD research blog,

My PhD research is moving towards completion. Papers are in review and edits are being made on those final manuscripts. There is no time for blog-related procrastination now as I move swiftly towards formatting all those chapters into a Thesis which will be “enjoyed” by 4-5 ish people.

I call upon the internet community to ensure I have everything together for a submission date somewhere between mid-April and the end of May. If June rolls around and there is not a post here that simply reads ‘SUBMITTED’, it will be your job to call me out!

In the mean time, please scroll through  and enjoy other posts describing invasive species dynamics on Christmas Island, as well the updated project description on the Hermon Slade Foundation webpage detailing the major findings of the research


Luke O’Loughlin

'The light at the end of the tunnel'

‘The light at the end of the tunnel’


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