How to collect that wild swarm of bees

**DISCLAIMER** This is not in anyway my area of expertise and I was merely an observer of the action. Step 1 is most important – if you have your own swarm of bees – call somebody who knows something about that stuff!

WELCOME TO  FUN WITH BEES: a step-by-step guide to collecting that wild swarm of European honey bees (Apis mellifera) that turned up in your garden that one time……


Step 1. Call up your mate who’s into that stuff and has all the appropriate boxes and know-how. IMG_0547

Step 2. Coat box with the scent of lemongrass. The bees something something the lemongrass something something. IMG_0549

Step 3. Snip the branch, pose for photo. Looking good! IMG_0550

Step 4. Known a ‘the shake’ – this is the official uniting of box and bee. 

Step 5. Complete the box puzzle. IMG_0552

Step 6. Looks like the little critters have it all figured out. Job well done mate. IMG_0553


Step 8. Well this sucks! IMG_0555

Step 9. Is the swarm getting ready to leave or getting orientated to stay? Best to just sit and wait. IMG_0557

Step 10. Looks like the little critters have it all figured out. Job well done mate. IMG_0558

Thanks heaps to all the people who made #FunWithBees possible, including Glen the mate with the know-how, @TerraThea, @KarenRetra, @terngirl, and @ManuSaunders

Find out more about this and the non-work shenanigans of other ecologists on the VIC/NSW border by jumping on Twitter and following #AlburyLife IMG_0560


**DISCLAIMER** I do, however, have some expertise in entomology and invasive species generally. Please flick through some other pages, posts and publications linked on this site – almost all of which relate to my (recently completed) PhD research on the interactions of invasive species in rainforest on Christmas Island.







2 responses to “How to collect that wild swarm of bees

  1. The old something something aye. Will try this next time they turn up, of course only with someone who has that something something. Neat’o little post up mate.

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