IMG_2764I am a conservation ecologist with a broad interest in biological invasions and community assembly. I conduct research on overabundant native and exotic species to answer questions related to how these species became so successful and what are the consequences of this success. I am particularly interested in understanding how invasive species interact to create novel communities and the extent to which these altered communities facilitate or inhibit other invaders. I recently completed my Ph.D research on Christmas Island (La Trobe University) where I investigated how mutualism between invaders (ant-scale) indirectly facilitated previously unsuccessful exotic species to establish (land snails) by altering the properties of the rainforest community (deletion of a crab) – a process called ‘secondary invasion’. I am currently working on continuing that and other projects while employed as a research assistant at La Trobe University and a sessional lecturer at Charles Sturt University.


Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in my research, science communication, have any questions, or ideas for further research.

Luke S O’Loughlin
Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution
La Trobe University
Kingsbury Dr, Bundoora
VIC  Australia 3086


+61 467 639 737


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